Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Prologue

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Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Prologue Empty Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Prologue

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Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence.


The Factory, a place that had belonged to many masters of different races and affiliations, but none could ever hope understand it nor did they have the time to fully study it, throughout the stations life time, it was visited by great and powerful Sith warriors as well as Jedi, but each time it was visited it’s guests would remain baffled by it, it’s technology was unlike anyone had ever seen, over time it became a relic, a legend to Sith and Jedi and a myth to the galaxy. Until it was found by The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt, and his newly assembled Sith order. The one Sith.  The one Sith lead by Darth Wyyrlock.

The one Sith had found the Factory in the very fringe of space, an uncharted area of the galaxy, The station’s power was staggering, it’s energies were a wave of pure power. But it was different from those that came from their base on Korriban, there in that place of power, they could feel the darkness, the rage, anger, hatred and unadulterated power of the Dark Side. But this place was unlike anything they had ever felt before, it gave no rage or hatred nor did it present the warmth of the Jedi.  It was energy and power, nothing more, nothing less. But Wyyrlok sensed otherwise, stations like theses often held secrets and the one sith needed those secrets if they were to appease their master – Darth Krayt.

“How long till we are able to land on the station, 89-T0?” Darth Wyyrlok asked. His eyes fixated on the station, the secrets it held, the secrets he would uncover made him excited.

“We will be landing shortly master” The service droid replied.

“You have 10 minutes droid, see to it that we arrive no later than that or else you will be replaced”  Suddenly an area near the side of the space station opened up. “What is that?’ Wyyrlok asked.

“Schematics show nothing, however it would seem to be a hangar “The droid let the words sink in, before continuing.  “Shall I land the ship master?”

Darth Wyyrlok ignored the droid, settled himself within the force and focused on stretching his senses outward, towards the station, searching for something. But despite his efforts he found only the energies of the station, they were a breeze, but he felt they had the potential to become a storm of power.

“Take us in” He finally said and the droid did as he asked, inputting the coordinates and maneuvering the ship towards the hangar. “What secrets do you hold?” Wyyrlok whispered, not even the droid’s audio receptors heard his question.

Minutes passed and finally the droid had set the ship down on board the stations hangar.

Wyyrlok stared out through the Transpirasteel window of the cockpit, the lights of the station were dim, damaged by war or perhaps it was age that had finally caught up to the station’s archaic systems. Wyyrlok hoped it was the former. He would not dare to come back to Korriban empty handed.  He turned to the droid and spoke. “Machine, you will stay here until I return.” He got up from his seat and left to explore the Station on his own, he did not need to hear the machine answer him, the One Sith had made sure all droids were loyal to them, if they were to be captured an enemy and tempered with, a trigger within their core would activate a self memory wipe sequence and it would self destruct to ensure the safety and preservation of the One Sith.

The Ramp descended and Wyyrlok marveled at the sight, ancient machines lay on the ground, their robotic limbs filled with dust and dirt. The hangar was full of them. For a moment Wyyrlok thought he had just stepped inside of a tomb for machines. He stepped forward and scanned the area, machines and long dead technology. He hoped that not all of the station was in the same shape as the Hangar. Leaving the remains of the machines alone, Wyyrlok moved through the area and headed for what seemed like a door, it had no archaic handle, no button, and no motion sensor that would open it once someone was close enough to it.  His portable communicator came alive with a small beep and 89-T0’s robotic voice hissed from the com.

“Master, I have scanned the Station, however due to its archaic nature and limited information we were supplied, I could not give you any definite route, however the door that is in front of you, should be able to open by activating it via a nearby console” Wyyrlock scanned the area, squinting his eye in a effort to see through the darkness.  

“And where would this control console be?” Wrrylok inquired, making no attempt to hide his annoyance from the droid.

“According to schematic that we have recovered, I believe one would be located…” The droid stopped mid-sentence, Wyyrlok could picture the droid bring up various schematics rushing to give him an answer, suddenly the silence was ended when the droid spoke up again. “One should be located in the hangar control room; it should be just above you master Wyyrlok.

“So it seems” He looked at bridge, it must have been about 15 or 20 feat high, not wasting any more time, Wyyrlok settled himself within the force, drew on its power and leapt towards the narrow bridge, landing on gracefully on his feet and then immediately grabbed one of his twin hilts, ignited the crimson blade and entered his favored battle stance. Something was amiss, the raw and pure energy he had felt coming from the station, suddenly shifted, and it so suddenly had become adulterated with something even he could not name. He brought his hand up to his face, entered a pass-code and spoke into the portable communicator on his wrist. “89-T0?” Wyyrlok called, he received no response. “Droid, where is the console? You are testing my patience!” he hissed and again received no response. “Blasted machi -“His curse was cut short, in the spur of the moment he had turned around and through the darkness he was able to see a small structure that oversaw the area.  Using the force, Wyyrlok wasted no time and ran as fast as he could towards the building within the minute he was already there, eyes searching for a way to open the door. He could have so easily crushed it, but he was not a brute like his fellow Sith. This place was sacred, a relic of a powerful and deadly species, he could not bring himself to harm this place. Fortunately for him, the door opened, granting him access to the control room, instantly, he saw what he was searching for. Not wasting any more time dealing with tedious tasks, Wyyrlok activated the console and searched for the input code to open the locked door. But his efforts were in vain, the console was corrupted, most of the files and access codes were either incomplete or completely corrupted. “Damn it all, damn it all to the darkest pit of Korriban” His communicator beeped.

“What is it” The words came out more like an angry shout than a question, had it been a fellow sith who he had brought, he was sure there would have been blood spilled, though it would not be his.

“Master Wyyrlok, the ship’s scanners have picked an unidentified freighter” It replied.

“Pirates…” Wyyrlok had been followed, tracked and watched like prey. But he was not prey, he was Sith, the strongest of Krayt’s followers and he would make sure the pirates knew this. “It seems fate, has granted me an outlet for my anger” A moment passed and Wyyrlok began to laugh, his cackles echoed throughout the hangar bay. “What a lovely mistress”

“Let them come, they will provide some entertainment at best and will be a minor nuisance at worst, it matters not, in the end I will destroy them” he reached for the twin hilt of his crimson blade and ignited it as well. “They will be mere corpses once I am done with them”  

“They are beginning to board the vessel; I’d advice that you ready yourself Master.”  The droid suggested, though he disliked hiding from the enemy, he was not without common sense, even a highly trained force user could not stand against a battalion of soldiers. A thought occurred to him, he alone could not cover the station. He would need assistance.  Looking down at the blades in his hands, he quickly deactivated them, placed them in their holsters and covered them with his black cloak.

“89-T0, that will not be necessary, once the mercenaries board the ship, we shall greet them and they – whether they like it or not, will assist us in our endeavor” Wyyrlok thought for a moment, his eyes searched the room, old weapons and droid schematics were scattered all over the room, no doubt they would catch the eyes of collectors or even better. “The Jedi” He said aloud.  He turned his head and saw the freighter in the middle of its descent, the pirates came pouring out of the freighter, they were well armored, heavy weaponry and light infantry all armed to the teeth. “Impressive” He said to himself, these were no ordinary pirates, they were well trained and organized, their leader would have to be a former high ranking officer for either the republic or the Imperial remnant. “Most impressive”

“Alright, we know you’re here, we’ve got your ship surrounded, come out or we’ll blast you and your ship” A man, who Wyyrlok estimated to stand at 6 feet tall. Called for him, his eyes were a dark shade of brown; his hair and beard were unkempt. Wyyrlok instantly knew that this was the leader.  Augmenting his physical power with the force, Wyyrlok vaulted into the air and landed on his feet in front of a group of pirates, they stumbled slightly at the power that came from Wyyrlok’s jump.

“Greetings” Wyyrlok greeted them with a un-characteristic smile that bared his sharp teeth. The pirates quickly aimed their scopes and reticles at the Chagrian. Keeping his calm, he slowly raised his hands, showing that he meant no harm.

“Greetings?” The leader repeated after Wyyrlok, he was thoughtful for a moment, almost confused by the casual greeting, a moment passed and out of nowhere the pirate leader let out a booming laugh.

“What a casual greeting from someone who could potentially die today!” The pirate leader said, turning to his men who laughed along with him.  Wyyrlok resisted the urge to scoff; he could have so easily killed the pirates, be it with the blade or with a series of force lightning bolts, but he needed them to assist him in plundering the station for ancient technology that could prove useful to the One Sith.  A question from the Pirate leader drew him out of his thoughts. “What brings a chagrian all the way out to the Unknown Regions? You don’t look like a Jedi and you’re not that well armed to be a Merc “

“I’m here searching for a signal I received two standard weeks ago” Wyyrlok lied and attempted to make himself look as none threatening as possible. “My droid picked it up the strange signal when I was leaving an excavation site not too far from here, not one to shy away from discovering something new, I flew my freighter out here to find the source of it” this time Wyyrlok told them the truth, after researching old documents about the Rakata, he stumbled across a certain location on a uncharted planet, that was used as a military stronghold, unfortunately for him, the stronghold was completely in ruin, a broken legacy left behind by the great species,  but after much frustration Wyyrlok was able to find an old Rakatan starfighter, it’s navigational computer still intact  - albeit damaged , it had lead him here, whether it was the force guiding him or dumb luck, he did not know, but he thanked both regardless.

“So you’re a scientist?” The leader inquired. Wyyrlok nodded and continued to hold his hands up in the air. “And who owns your allegiance scientist?” The question drew a surprised look from Wyyrlok.

“I’m sorry?” Wyyrlok stuttered.

“Are you in a league with the Jedi or for the Sith?” The leader specified.

“Neither, I am an independent researcher, the petty squabbles of the Sith and Jedi are of no interest to me, they’re both insane” Again, Wyyrlok lied.

“Ah, well that’s all nice and all, but” The leader un-holstered his blaster pistol and examined it. “The way I see it, there are a lot of people that could find some of the things on here valuable” He set his pistol from stun to kill and took aim at Wyyrlok. “We’ll be taking those valuables” Wyyrlok lips formed a small smile; everything was proceeding just as he had planned.  “Take him away boys!”

“Go ahead, take whatever you want” Wyyrlok said, just as two of the heavyset pirates were about to drag him away. “I care nothing for the salvage of this place, but I know people who do” he watched as the leader stopped dead in his tracks and turn around to face Wyyrlok. “That peak your interest?”

“What are you saying scientist?” the leader was genuinely curious; it had almost been too easy for Wyyrlok.

“I’m saying, that I know people who would pay a great deal for this kind of technology, enough to buy you another freighter and still have some left over for whatever you desire” Wyyrlok could sense his interest rising. “All I ask is that I be see this station for myself – with protection from your men, of course”

The pirate leader crossed his arms over his broad chest and looked at Wyyrlok, his eyes filled with distrust. “And what do you gain out of this Scientist?”

“I get to be one of the select few beings to ever walk onboard a Rakatan space station” He said in amazement. “And I get to live” he added, appealing to the leader.
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