Crossover Battle: Count Dooku vs Venom (Eddie Brock)

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Crossover Battle: Count Dooku vs Venom (Eddie Brock) Empty Crossover Battle: Count Dooku vs Venom (Eddie Brock)

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Count Dooku


Eddie Brock burst through a door onto the roof of a tall building. He hit the roof and slide along his back. An old man in fine brown clothing walked slowly through the door. Eddie Brock allowed the symbiote to encase his body in a pitch black suit as he prepared to strike back against the surprise attacker.

"Why do you attack us, Count Dooku?" He hissed.

Count Dooku walked forward in a casual manner, hands folded behind his back, eye brows furrowed. "My master has taken a special interest in you, Venom, and has sent me to capture you." Count Dooku stopped walking and stood just a few strides away from Venom. "And although I hate to be ordered around like a menial servant, I will not hesitate to oblige him." Count Dooku held out his hand and activated a crimson blade, bringing it up to his face and then flourishing it out to his side.

Venom stood up at full height, much taller than Dooku, and laughed loudly. "First we will break you, then we will eat you."

"You can only try." Count Dooku responded.

Venom bounded across the distance and lunged through the air, claws aimed for Dooku's face. Dooku side stepped just in the nick of time and slashed Venom across the back with his lightsaber as it flew past him. The Symbiote screeched in pain and anger.

Venom didn't hesitate. He turned around and bound again, creating an axe with his right arm and bringing it down at Dooku. Dooku scurried backwards and slashed Venom across the chest, the symbiote parted exposing Eddies skin beneath and then closed immediately with a scream.

Venom didn't let up, he swept left and right with his claws causing Dooku to duck and twist and back step to prevent himself from being mauled. As Dooku retreated he jabbed and slashed at Venom, causing it to scream in furry and pain.

"We have had enough of you!" Venom screeched and shot a tendril that latched onto Dooku's chest, then swung him around and over his head and smashed him down to the ground. Venom pounced at the downed opponent but Dooku thrust both his hands upward and sent him flying backwards before he could land on Dooku.

Dooku stood up and recalled his lightsaber. "Its time to end this petty game." He said and launched himself at Venom.

With quick and precise cuts and jabs, Dooku pressed the offensive on Venom, causing the symbiote to scream and squirm with every strike. Venom shot a web upwards and swung to safety. Venom arched his back and let out a loud screech as dozens of tendrils sprang from his liquid-like body and whipped and slapped at Dooku.

Dooku fell into a defensive form and began cutting off the tendrils as they came, but Venom kept creating more and slowly advancing on him. Dancing backwards as he cut and slashed, Dooku landed on his back foot and launched himself forward in surprise attack. Venom sensed the attack and backhanded Dooku, sending him skidding to the other end of the roof.  

Venom charged again bouncing across the roof as Dooku flipped to his feet. Dooku held out a hand to a large metal exhaust vent on top of the roof and flung it into Venoms face as he charged.

Venom regained his feet and bellowed."We will tear you to shreds."

Venom charged again, but Dooku held out his hand and blue electricity shot from his finger tips and engulfed Venom. The symbiote screeched and squirmed and writhed under the lightning, slowly detaching itself from Eddie Brock. Dooku dropped his lightsaber and focused both fingers into Force lightning.

The symbiote completely detached itself from Eddie Brock and loomed behind him, an incoherent mess of lethal goo and aggression.

"No!" Eddie called desperately, and thrust himself towards the symbiote. Dooku caught him around the neck with a force grip and snapped his neck.

The Symbiote towered over Dooku, screeching and moving in nonsensical patterns. Dooku reactivated his lightsaber and lunged, cutting into the symbiote. But no sooner did Dooku get in a single cut, did the Symbiote latch onto his face and began spreading all over his body. Count Dooku grabbed desperately at his face but it was too late, Venom had claimed a new host.

Dooku stood onto of the roof covered in the black suit, still holding his red lightsaber. He had become pure aggression. Count Venom shot a web and swung off into the night to cause havoc and death.
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Crossover Battle: Count Dooku vs Venom (Eddie Brock) Empty Re: Crossover Battle: Count Dooku vs Venom (Eddie Brock)

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