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Fanfic Forum Rules and Regulations Empty Fanfic Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:28 am

Welcome to the fanfiction section of our great forum, and we hope you enjoy your stay. There are a few rules and regulations you should be aware of before posting here however...

Explicit Content:
To serve the interests of those who do not wish to read explicit content, we ask that any explicit content, such as a sex scene, you choose to put in your fanfiction be placed under a warning tab such as this one:
Explicit Content:
(Insert King Joker Chatbox Orgy here) King Joker

To do this, click the spoiler tag shown here, and insert the proper title.
Fanfic Forum Rules and Regulations Screen16

When you are done it should look like this, with whatever explicit content you are posting in the blank space.
Fanfic Forum Rules and Regulations Screen17

Keep in mind that content that can be considered offensive to a large number of people can also be considered explicit. We do not count violence or swearing as explicit.

Theft of Property:
You may not take content from another fanfic writer's work without permission. This includes characters, scenes, objects, etc.

This only applies to the content that has originally appeared in their work. You can use anything already established in the SW universe, but if something originated in somebody else's fanfic, you must have their permission to use it.

Respect the Creativity of Others:
When it comes to fanfiction, respect the creativity and hard work of others. a little bit of criticism is fine, but don't be a dick.

Again it is up to myself and the moderators to determine what is considered excessive, and whether or not you are being a dick. So just don't be a dick, and you shouldn't have a problem with this rule.

No Trolling:
This kinda goes without saying, but the mods of this forum will not take kindly to some halfassed attempt at a fanfic meant to piss people off. It will be deleted within twenty-four hours of a warning, which is plenty of time to plead one's case or copy the fanfic down to a text file.

Kinda goes off of the same principle of our last rule. Don't be a dick, and you will have nothing to worry about.

More rules may be added as we see fit see fit...

We and the rest of the DMB Empire staff would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation with our rules and regulations. Good luck, and may the force be with you!-Emperordmb

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