Darth Bane's Temple Destruction of the Temple of the Ancients

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Darth Bane's Temple Destruction of the Temple of the Ancients

Post by Emperordmb on Wed Oct 08, 2014 2:12 am

Here I will be clearing up some common misconceptions about Bane's Temple destroying feat on Lehon, and explain why it is a very valid feat.

1. The Nexus argument for this feat is pure and utter BULLSHIT for a few reasons. First of all, Drew makes no mention in the entire Darth Bane trilogy of any passive amps from nexuses, either implicit or explicit, despite explicitly clarifying the effects of just about every other performance altering plot device in the Darth Bane Trilogy, ie. drugs, fatigue, injury, lack of faith in the force, and even amps from actively tapping into a nexus, but no passive nexus amps. There is also a quantifiable comparison that establishes/discredits the supposed effects of this nexus. Darth Bane achieves the same speed in combat on both Lehon and Korriban, despite how much stronger Lehon is in the dark side. From this, the passive effects of said nexus are practically confirmed to be negligible. So there is no confirmed significant passive nexus amp in Drew's writing, despite him stating every other performance altering thing in explicit detail, and there is a comparison which discredits the idea of a significantly large passive nexus amp.

2. Keep in mind that the focal point of Bane's force wave was directed at Kas'im, and Kas'im blocked it. So Bane's force wave is even more impressive in light of this, given that his wave still had enough power to attain that destruction with its focal point blocked.

3. Also keep in mind that this is substantially before Bane's peak in force power. In POD, his lightning only kills people and he considers the rainstorm feat impossible with his lightsaber and TK, while in DOE his lightning can disintegrate four people with a single one-handed burst and he was capable of the rainstorm feat for ten minutes in the middle of the night with only his lightsaber. So his force power has increased substantially from his time on Lehon to the last days of his life. This would put the Temple of the Ancients feat very very comfortably within DOE Bane's capabilities and implies he can do something of greater magnitude than this.

And just for those of you who doubt the magnitude of the feat itself, here is the Temple of the Ancients next to an 800 meter starship for comparison:

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