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Fy-Tor-Ana/Solace Respect Thread Empty Fy-Tor-Ana/Solace Respect Thread

Post by Fated Xtasy on Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:49 pm

Welcome! to the largest collection of Fy-Tor-Ana/Solace feats, quotes and accolades: Respect The Solace
Fy-Tor-Ana/Solace Respect Thread Solace10

  • Lightsaber skill

Known for her grace and agility, I would say that Solace is a master of Form: IV Ataru. This would be supported by her title of Jedi Instructor. As she trained students in what was known as the art of movement, which required a great amount of agility and flexibility, as such, she would have most likely have had to become proficient enough in the ability herself in order to teach it. With her graceful and acrobatic nature, there is no doubt that Fy-Tor-Ana is an expert user of Ataru.

Fy-Tor is stated to move with great grace and taught Obi-Wan much of the Art of Movement

This obstacle was similar to an exercise called Art of Movement at the Temple, introduced to him when he was just a student, even younger than Anakin. The students were required to keep moving, dodging both lines of light that zigzagged the room and points that scampered randomly. The objective was simply to get from the door to the opposite wall. The exercise required split-second timing and an agile body. Some students were better than others at compressing their limbs, jumping, and flattening themselves against the floor. As a human, Obi-Wan was hampered by his solid skeletal frame, but he had practiced for hours until he could judge the best way to move with a minimum of effort. He had even had private tutorials with the Jedi Knight Fy-Tor-Ana, known for her grace.
—jedi Quest: The Dangerous Games.

He(Ferus) already suspected who was inside: Fy-Tor-Ana, the Jedi known for her grace with a lightsaber.
—The Last of The Jedi: Underworld

Solace and Ferus take out several attack droids in seconds. While the text states the Solace moves faster than ferus, it should be noted that he had only recently started to use a lightsaber since he left the order and that he did not sleep or eat since he met up with the Jedi Knight.

Malorum and his officers had withdrawn most of the stormtroopers, but they had left attack droids to continue the patrols, to prevent interference from intruders. Ferus bounded toward the first group as it wheeled to engage them. His lightsaber moved rapidly as he mowed through them from one side while Solace took the other. She was all movement and no wasted motion, her lightsaber a blur. She was faster and better than Ferus and together they destroyed the droids in only seconds. They met in the middle and raced through the gap they'd created, smoke rising around them. Trever kicked through the hot metal and followed.
—The Last of The Jedi: Underworld

When he and Solace had returned from the disaster at the Jedi Temple, Solace had heard the battle before he did. She had leaped off the ship and straight into the thick of it.

He(Trever) had seen battles before, but none like this. He had run from Imperial officers, he had broken into buildings, he had taken the risks needed to maintain his own black-market operation, but this was different. This was terrifying. The eerily white stormtroopers were bent on annihilating everything in their path.
He had caught glimpses of Solace, fighting furiously to save her followers. He'd seen her moving, diving, never losing her balance or her grace despite the ferocity of her attack. Her lightsaber was a beacon of light, glowing green through the smoke.

She would lose. She would hold out as long as she could, but she could not win. There were simply too many of them. Almost everybody was dead now. Slaughtered without thought, without pause.

—The Last of The Jedi: Death on Naboo

He(Ferus) walked on. The only one of his crew he hadn't seen was Solace, but he didn't expect to. Out of all his friends, she was the most wanted by the Empire. The entire Imperial army and security forces, as well as Coruscant police, were on the alert for her. She had fought a battle in the underworld of Coruscant, trying to protect the group she'd gathered in the caverns of the underground oceans. She'd personally taken down squads of stormtroopers. It was truly too dangerous for her to be here.
—The Last of the jedi: A Tangled Web

"We keep a vehicle here, just in case," he said. "I think it's a good idea to get out of this quadrant." They were heading toward the vehicle when five stormtroopers suddenly entered. The leader's head turned. "ID does," he ordered in his metallic voice.

"What should we do?" Arnie murmured. "Bluff our way through?"

"If they find you with outsiders, it could compromise you," Oryon said.

"No talking allowed," rapped out the storm-trooper. The rest of the stormtroopers headed toward them.

"I can take care of this," Solace said.

"There's an entire squad," Amie said.

"Don't worry, she's not kidding," Trever said. The stormtroopers raised their blasters.

Solace moved. She held out a hand and the Force slammed into the first two stormtroopers, knocking them backward. The remaining stormtroopers ran toward the group, but Solace was already moving, swinging her lightsaber in a clean arc that decapitated three with one blow. She kicked out with a foot, ducked, and turned in a complete circle and took out the leader and the remaining trooper.

Wil grinned. "You didn't tell us you were a Jedi."

Solace clipped her lightsaber back onto her utility belt. "You didn't ask.
—The Last of The Jedi: A Tangled Web

Something alerted him, a flicker at the corner of his vision. It was a security droid, trying to get a fix on his position. Trever reached for a charge in his belt, but Solace had already seen the droid. She leaped up to slash it in two with her lightsaber.

And just like that, they were spotted.

Security droids wheeled and advanced, firing at them. Oryon raced from the dataport, Solace covering his retreat with her lightsaber. She moved like wind and water, with no trace of effort. Her lightsaber was a revolving circle of light. Trever waited, knowing that Oryon and Solace would come for him.

They did, running quickly, Oryon's blaster firing, Solace's lightsaber arcing and moving. Trever tossed a few half alpha-charges and then ran.

Solace motioned to them and they charged into a small shuttle. Oryon jumped behind the controls. Trever leaped for the laser cannon. He blasted away at the droids as Oryon fired up the engines and they zoomed out of the hangar and shot up into the atmosphere. In moments, the landing platform was a spot on the surface of
the planet. A thin trail of gray smoke marked where the fire was.

"So much for not attracting attention," Oryon said.

"Can't be helped," Solace answered.

—The Last of The Jedi:  A Tangled Web

The captain has been arrested," Solace said. "I am in charge."

"That's a violation of authority," the droid said. "I'll have to summon - "

In a flash, Solace moved forward, lightsaber in hand, and sliced his head off.

"Oh, dear," the disembodied head said.

With an expert slice, Solace disabled its control panel even as she continued to race down the hall.

"Ah, now I get it," Roan said. "Ferus found his Jedi."

They raced down the hallway, following Solace to the cockpit. Trever was impressed at how quickly Roan integrated himself in the group. He moved to Solace's right, letting Oryon cover her left. Dona stayed behind with Trever. The five of them weren't exactly an elite attack group, but Trever had no doubt they would win.

Solace activated the doors of the cockpit and charged in, lightsaber in hand. The new security droids began to fire their laser cannons, raising their forearms. Fire pinged through the cockpit in streaks of energy. Trever dropped and rolled.

In less than a minute, Solace had sliced through three droids and somersaulted in the air to knock down another before burying her lightsaber in its control panel. Then she reversed to take down four droids standing guard. Oryon and Roan took care of the rest.

The cockpit was now filled with smoking droids and fused metal, and Solace had her lightsaber pointed at the chest of the officer in charge. "You don't want to push me, do you?" she asked. She wasn't even breathing hard.

—The Last of The Jedi: A Tangled Web

Ferus and Solace raced forward as the troopers began firing. Their lightsabers whirled as they charged. Roan and Oryon stayed behind, firing their blasters. Clive and Astri placed themselves in front of Dona, Trever, and Lune, their blasters in hand.

Ferus was not used to fighting with Solace. Her style surprised him. She was a loner, and, at this point, a reluctant Jedi. But her fighting style was as generous as it was aggressive. Her leaps were liquid, and she seemed to be everywhere at once, protecting Ferus and guiding them all downward even as she vanquished the troopers. Ferus couldn't read her intentions as quickly as he should, but it didn't matter. She read his. She countered his moves, reinforced his strikes, and covered his back.

When the clones were littered around them, he deactivated his lightsaber and nodded at her in admiration. "Thanks."

—The Last of The jedi. A Tangled Web

They had found two Jedi still alive, so that was something. Solace, who had the most awesome fighting style and the shortest temper Trever had ever seen. Somehow he'd always imagined Jedi as placid and calm, but Solace's moods ranged from grumpy to testy.
—The Last of The Jedi: Return of The Dark Side

"Stormtroopers!" Astri shouted.

"No kidding!" Solace yelled back.

The blasterfire streaked down the hallway. Solace pulled her lightsaber out of the molten metal doorway and began advancing, her lightsaber dancing. She didn't know what the Jedi on the other side of the door would do, but a little help would be nice. But no one arrived.

The stormtroopers released two droidekas in wheel mode. No Jedi wanted to tangle with a droideka. They were hard to shut down, and their double-barreled blaster cannonfire could give even a Jedi a battle headache. Solace leaped out of the way, trying to figure out a way to get past the deflector shields without being blown to

Another stormtrooper rolled a grenade down toward her. Solace kicked it back with one foot while leaping up to take down the seeker droid overhead. More storm-troopers poured out of the lift tube. The grenade exploded, sending three of them flying.

She certainly had her hands full.

Thanks a lot, whoever you are, Solace thought. The Jedi had obviously escaped out of the room through the window.

Well, the galaxy had changed, and the remaining Jedi had changed along with it. It was every Jedi for himself or herself now.

Wasn't that what she'd told Ferus?

A spasm of blasterfire came a little close for comfort. Her battle mind had slipped for a moment. It wasn't like her to start thinking in the middle of a battle. That could be deadly.

Suddenly a tall human male came swinging out of the turbolift shaft. Solace didn't get a glimpse of his face, hidden in the shadows of a hood. But his lightsaber work was extraordinary. The stormtroopers were surrounded now, and Solace and the mysterious Jedi moved as a team. The tall Jedi was obviously familiar with droidekas. He charged, his lightsaber in a spinning arc, and with deft precision struck them at a vulnerable point Solace hadn't known existed, underneath their shell, near their repulsorlift motors.

The Jedi leaped over the remaining stormtroopers and landed by her side. She had a quick impression of chromium eyes, pale skin, and a melancholy face.He jerked his chin toward the window in the hallway, where Clive and Astri had taken shelter in a doorway.

She read his intent without words. It was time to get out of there.

They raced down the hallway together, still deflecting fire from the remaining stormtroopers. Solace signaled to Clive and Astri, who leaped out the window, using their liquid cables. Solace and the Jedi followed. They landed on the roof next door and raced across it, dodging vents and debris.

The Jedi took the lead. It was obvious that he had planned an escape route. He led them to an empty lift tube shaft that had a small door on the roof. Using their liquid cables, Astri and Clive rappelled down the shaft. Solace and the Jedi jumped.

—The Last of The Jedi: Secret Weapon

He found he could move fast if he had to, but not as fast as Ry-Gaul and Solace. He scuttled forward, moving on his elbows now. Solace had disappeared into the blackness ahead. Then Ry-Gaul shot out of the opening. Clive pushed himself through.

He emerged on a rocky beach of black sand. The Jedi's eyes must have adjusted immediately, but it took him a few long moments to see through the early dawn and the streaking, icy rain. The outdoor landing platform glistened ahead. There were no lights on. He could barely make out some droid hover-loaders in inactive mode. I took him several blinks to see the figures walking quickly toward a black starship. Stormtroopers surrounded a slight figure, propelling her forward by her elbows. Sometimes her feet dragged and they yanked her up.

The stormtroopers hadn't seen Solace and Ry-Gaul yet. The Jedi were moving so quietly and so fast that
Clive could barely see them himself. His job was to stay out of the battle and snatch Amie.

Through the spitting rain he saw the spinning arc of lightsabers. Ry-Gaul raised a hand and an entire line of stormtroopers shot backward as though pushed by a tur-bodozer. He couldn't see Solace, just the tracing of light moving through the air as bodies slammed into pavement. Now streaks of blasterfire shattered the blackness like cracks on glass. All the while he was running, lungs aching. He could hear his panting breath.

He had seen Ferus use his lightsaber, but Clive felt a fresh sense of amazement at witnessing the two Jedi in action. It was perfect movement, perfect timing. For two Jedi who rarely strung a sentence together, they knew how to communicate. Ry-Gaul and Solace made taking down two squads of stormtroopers armed with blasters and grenades look easy.

It was all so fast. He knew they couldn't wait for him, but he was falling behind. Amie was in danger.

—The Last of The Jedi:  Against The Empire.

A Jedi Knight known for her split-second reflexes, her grace and her agility, she was one of the foremost instructors in the Art Of Movement exercise, and personally trained Obi-Wan Kenobi in its forms.

  • Force Abilities

  • Force Augmentation/Speed/Valor

Ferus heard a whisper above. That was his only warning as a black shape suddenly dropped from the ceiling into their path.

He didn't have time to grab his lightsaber hidden in his cloak. That's how fast the creature was.

—The Last of The Jedi: Underworld

"Who's he?" Solace asked, indicating Clive.

"The answer to your dreams, precious," Clive said, linking an arm through hers. "Let me buy you a grog."

In a flash, Solace slipped out of his grasp, twisted one of his arms behind his back, and had her lightsaber hilt nudged up against his chin.

"Did I mention Solace was a Jedi, too?" Ferus asked.

—The Last of The Jedi: Death on Naboo

Fy-Tor-Ana: A Jedi Knight known for her split second reflexes….

  • Telekinesis

Solace moved. She held out a hand and the Force slammed into the first two stormtroopers, knocking them backward.
—The Last of The Jedi: A Tangled Web

He and Solace concentrated the Force. This was a difficult task for any Jedi, especially one who had never achieved Master status. To lift a heavy object in the air using only the Force took great concentration.
No, Ferus told himself, remembering the lessons of Yoda. Not concentration. Belief.

The beam rose in the air, rotated, and traveled across the empty air to the hangar tower next door. It entered one of the openings and shuddered as it hit. It held.

They now had a bridge to cross over. Hundreds of kilometers in the air, with no railing . . . but a bridge.

—The Last of The jedi: A Tangled Web

  • Battle-Mind

A spasm of blasterfire came a little close for comfort. Her battle mind had slipped for a moment. It wasn't like her to start thinking in the middle of a battle. That could be deadly.
—The Last of The Jedi: Secret Weapon

  • Force Sense

"The Force. Something . . ." She stared hard at the screen. "Ferus is on that ship."
The Last of The Jedi: Death on Naboo

  • Mind Trick

"You'll need the ship registries," Solace said. "I'll push them through."

"You'll need the registries. I'd better push them through." The salesman disappeared inside his temporary office.

—The Last of The Jedi: Reckoning

  • Force Listening

She(Solace) stood in a narrow hallway, listening to the quality of the silence. It was a trick she'd honed on countless, tedious sessions at the Temple. She'd only been a human. She didn't have the kind of extrasensory powers she'd seen in other species. So she'd worked on her senses for endless hours. She'd discovered that her hearing was above average, so she'd focused on that. She'd drilled and drilled, entering thousands of different sounds into the computer, turning down the volume lower and lower to identify them, until she could hear a fly land on a wall twenty meters away. Concentrate. Differentiate. The slight hum of the air control vents, the distant whine of the lift tube. A cough behind the door of 1257. Someone turned over on a sleep couch in the room directly opposite her. In the room next to that, a towel slipped off a rod and fell to the floor. It was picked up and re-hung.

Then she heard what she was waiting for.

The slither of rough fabric against the leather of a belt as someone moved. The slight, unmistakable metallic click as an object was unclipped.

—The Last of The Jedi: Secret Weapon

  • Physical prowess.

Note: Solace is described as a “he”  because her true identity is not yet known and she is in disguise.

He was a short being, with compact muscles, and wore a close-fitting helmet over his features. His waist was tightly cinched with a belt that held a variety of weapons. He didn't assume a threatening pose, however. He seemed casual as he watched them move closer, the Erased all holding their weapons and training them on him.
—The Last of the Jedi: Underworld

Solace pulls Trever, Oryon and keets along with her to safety whilst swimming. Oryon is a Bothan male, Trever is a 13 year old human male and Keets is a human male. Thus suggesting that Solace's strength is quite above average.

It was impossible, Trever thought, twisting through the cold water with Oryon. The water was so cold he could barely feel his feet or hands. He knew his body was failing him. Solace continued to stroke ahead, but he could feel Oryon tiring. Even a Bothan couldn't keep up with a Jedi. And there were too many lights now to get to Solace's ship without being seen.

He didn't know how he found the strength to go on, but watching Solace's strength somehow helped him. When she felt them flagging, she swam behind them and hooked a line onto Oryon's belt, then swam forward, Keets now on her back, his eyes closed. With immense effort, she pulled all of them through the water.
When they finally surfaced, they were far from the scaffolding where the stormtroopers were searching. They could see the lights play on the water far down the tunnel.

—The Last of The Jedi: Death on Naboo

  • Universal quotes.

There are quotes that could be applied to combat prowess, force power and physical ability.

Also along was Solace, a reluctant traveler. She'd once been the great Jedi Knight Fy-Tor-Ana. She'd changed her name and had tried to forget her past existence as a Jedi.
—The Last of The jedi: A Tangled Web

  • Conclusion

Fy-Tor-Ana is powerful duelist with incredible speed. Her Ataru is very in keeping with the forms tenet and her own personal fighting style. She obviously compliments her knowledge of Ataru with quick kicks, fast, graceful movement, split-second reflexes and incredible agility. The quintessential Ataru user in every sense of the word. This is fitting considering that she was the instructor in the Art of Movement, which required all of the aforementioned things. While her force powers aren't that advanced, she is still evidently skilled with the basics. While not at all on par with the likes of Jaden Korr, Xanatos or Depa Billaba, Solace is still a skilled and capable foe. I'd personally put her above Siri, perhaps nearing Xanatos. but that's just me. Agile, graceful, skilled and talented, Fy-Tor-Ana truly is, the Solace of the Last of the Jedi.

Well guys, i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm seriously impressed with how Fy-Tor-Ana turned out to be. She's a fun character who left everything and now, because of Ferus, she's thrust back into the role of a Master. She was a fun character and she had some neat feats, so why not?

That aside, you've all no doubt seen that there's a pretty minor thing missing in this thread. No accolades section. I've taken it out, because, i feel that some of the accolades I've used could be put in the lightsaber skill section or the force section or a unarmed combat section and stuff like that. So yeah, i'm not really sure what to think of it, i'm a bit nervous to hear what you all think, so please, if you like the new format let me know. That way, the bigger, more important threads i have coming will be formatted correctly. Anyway thank you guys for reading this thread and I'll see you all next time. Sayonara, mina-san!
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Dude she is badass
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