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Rosh Penin speculation thread Empty Rosh Penin speculation thread

Post by Fated Xtasy on Sun May 17, 2015 9:23 pm

So, as always when it comes to these thing, I am currently alone on chat and am bored(and full of sugar) So, i figured might as well do a speculation thread for Rosh an insufferable character for most but a bland piece of toast for me. Let's dot his.

As a young teenager of about, approximately 16-17 years of age, Rosh would no doubt be granted the agility that came with such a young age, with some strength as per his lightsaber style. Though he's not a physical monster like Sarroj Jax or Darth Bane.

For his lightsaber style, I believe that Rosh, in keeping with his personality, It is my belief that Rosh focused more on battering and strength than actual skill, thus making him a practitioner of the Strong Style. Rosh would be competent in his lightsaber form as he was able to contend with Jaden Korr, although it should be noted that he was being amplified by two master reborn and Jaden had also fought through a number of Reborn, cultists and Stormtroopers.

As for his Force Powers, Rosh would be proficient in the basic Telekinesis attributed to all Jedi, he would display the ability before he even began his training by moving a lever and later when Jaden Korr was sent to rescue him by moving three large cylinders. While in his fight with Jaden he displays Dark Rage, Lightning, Protect and Absorb, these are game mechanics and not actual feats.
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